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Pride at SAIT

Experience an inclusive community at SAIT 

SAIT is a diverse campus and we are committed to providing an inclusive place to work and study. We will continue to enhance resources for our LGBTQ community and effect positive change. 

In partnership with the LGBTQ community, allies and the Gender and Sexuality Inclusion Committee (GSIC) — a volunteer advisory committee from SAIT and SAITSA — we're working to provide a community at SAIT that is inclusive of and accessible to all individuals regardless of gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation.   

Definitions and understanding

Often we hear that people are not sure what the appropriate nomenclature is for the LGBTQ community. There is a rainbow of definitions used in today's culture and we recommend reviewing the definitions provided by the Centre for Sexuality and exploring some of the external link resources listed below.


Campus initiatives

Preferred names

We encourage gender-diverse students who would like to discuss preferred name changes in confidence to contact  pride@sait.ca. We can help you meet with a representative who can outline currently available options, provide support with informing instructors and also offer LGBTQ2+ resources at SAIT.

Universal washrooms

Binary (M/F) washrooms and change rooms can present barriers to students and staff with varying needs. The committee and larger SAIT campus have been working on various initiatives to reduce these barriers. Recent changes include:

These changes help reduce barriers for people with varying needs, which may include:

  • limited accessibility
  • lack of private space
  • restrictive cultural norms in terms of gender identity and expression

We recognize the limitations with facilities in certain buildings and are committed to reviewing these initiatives on a regular basis. 

Click the image of the map to download. 

SAITSA Pride Club, Allies and GSIC

SAITSA Pride Club

Whether you're looking to network, make new friends or give back to the community, being part of a student club is one of the most fulfilling ways students get the most out of campus life. Visit SAITSA Switchboard to sign up and start checking out the student clubs on campus.

Allies at SAIT

SAIT has trained allies who are working to promote a welcome and inclusive environment for LGBTQ learners and staff. After completing their training, allies receive a rainbow lanyard to help make them visible as an ally.

Employees who have received their Pride at Work Canada LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion Certificate and available to contact are:

  • An Tran, Career Development Specialist, 403.774.5318
  • Andy Trache, Academic Advisor, Hospitality and Tourism, 403.284.8612
  • Brad Donaldson, Vice President Academic, 403.210.4318
  • Carrie Monk,  Alumni and Stakeholder Relations Assistant, Alumni and Development, 403.210.4062
  • Erin Boyle, Coordinator, Student Employment and Career Services, 403.284.8753
  • Heather Kuryk, Instructor, Business, 403.284.8790
  • Heather Magotiaux, Vice President External Relations, 403.284.4318
  • Holly Sadowsky, ELF Instructor, Learner and Academic Services, 403.210.4580
  • Jennifer Peters, Library Technician, Learner and Academic Services, 403.284.7174
  • John Partington, Transfer Options Coordinator, 403.210.5788
  • Kattina (Kat) Michele, Facilitator, Career Exploration Centre, Youth & Strategic Initiatives, 403.774.5271
  • Laura Lavigne, Coordinator, Academic Partnerships, 403.210.5909
  • Lenore Norris, Manager, Lamb Learner Success Centre, 403.284.7080
  • Mark Wall, Manager, Student Engagement, 403.284.8299
  • Michelle Richards, Administrative Assistant, Business, 403.774.5333
  • Nicole Gerlitz, Senior Market Research Analyst, Business Intelligence and Analytics, 403.774.4917
  • Pamela Heath, Interim Associate Director, Learner and Academic Services, 403.284.8798
  • Sarah Ward, Student Engagement Facilitator, 403.210.4358
  • Shan Roberson, Interim AVP, Learner and Academic Services, 403.210.5764
  • Terri Eklund, Educational Developer, 403.284.8474
  • Tim Nethercott, Chaplain for the United and Presbyterian Churches, 403.284.7385

Gender & Sexuality Inclusion Committee

As a volunteer advisory committee, GSIC continues to work to ensure that the SAIT community is inclusive of and accessible to all individuals. The GSIC strives to meet its mission through:

  • working toward the elimination of heterosexism, transphobia, homophobia and gender identity oppression within the SAIT community
  • outreach to the SAIT community

Our committee co-chairs

  • Terri Eklund - Co-chair, Learner and Academic Services
  • Jody Fraser - Co-chair, Employee Services
  • John Partington, Co-chair, Learner and Academic Services

To learn more about the committee and how to get involved, please email pride@sait.ca.


Individuals with questions, concerns or complaints about accommodation, discrimination and harassment can find confidential support and advocacy both on and off-campus.

SAIT Resources
Positive spaces provide SAIT students a place where they can experience diversity, inclusion and feel empowered. Visit or contact Accessibility Services or Academic Coaching for additional support to help you feel more at home at SAIT.
Gender and sexuality support through Student Development and Counselling Services 
Harassment and discrimination hotline - 403.210.4406


To learn more about the Gender and Sexuality Inclusion Committee, SAIT-wide initiatives or to get involved with upcoming events, contact us:


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