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Payment Options

Accepted payment forms

As a full-time student at SAIT, there are many ways for you to pay your tuition payment and fees:

Online banking

You can set SAIT up as a payee through your online banking institution using your SAIT Student ID number as your account number. Please allow three business days for processing.

  • Find our payee name listed as SAIT or as Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.
  • Select Tuition/Bill Payments.

Credit card payments

Pay online

Tuition fees may be paid by Visa or MasterCard through your mySAIT account.

  • Login to mySAIT and click on the myStudent tab.
  • Select Account Summary by Term/Credit Card Payment to see a summary of your charges or select Online Payment to process your payment.
Pay by phone

Contact the Office of the Registrar at 403.284.7248 or toll-free at 1.877.284.7248 during regular business hours.

  • Have your SAIT Student ID number and your Visa or MasterCard ready when you call.

Cheques, bank drafts or money orders

What information should be included?
  • All cheques, bank drafts and money orders should be made payable to SAIT.
  • Must include SAIT student ID number and name
  • Post-dated cheques are not accepted
  • Send by mail (must be received prior to tuition deadline)
Where should I send my payment?

All cheques, bank drafts and money orders should be mailed to SAIT's Finance Cashiers office before the tuition deadline date.

SAIT - Finance Cashiers
Stan Grad Centre, MC201
1301 - 16 Ave NW
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2M 0L4

In person

All accepted payment forms can be made in-person at our Finance Cashiers office, located on the second floor of the Stan Grad Centre.

Finance Cashiers, MC201, Stan Grad Centre
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday* 8:30 am to 4 pm
Wednesday* 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays Closed

*Note: We're closed Monday through Friday from 10 to 10:15 am, 12 to 12:30 pm, and 2 to 2:15 pm.

Interac and credit card payments can also be made at the Office of the Registrar, located on the 2nd floor of Heritage Hall.

Student loans

If you've applied online through Student Aid Alberta and are approved for a student loan before the tuition payment deadline, SAIT will electronically confirm your full-time enrolment and request that payment is sent directly from Student Aid Alberta. This means that your tuition payment deadline will be deferred until your loan disbursement date.

If your loan does not cover the entire amount owing for tuition and fees, then you're responsible for paying the difference on or before the tuition payment deadline.

Sponsored students

Sponsored students are those for whom tuition and fees will be paid directly to SAIT by a department of the federal government of Canada, a department of the Province of Alberta, an Aboriginal band, or by a business or organization.

How do I get started?
    1. Meet with your sponsor to arrange sponsorship agreement details.
    2. Submit a SAIT application form with complete transcripts and the application fee. If the sponsor is paying for the application fee, a company letter indicating the billing address and/or a purchase order must also be included.
    3. Submit a sponsorship letter to the Office of the Registrar after you have been accepted into the program. The letter must confirm in writing the agreement for your sponsorship, the amount of tuition your sponsor will cover, and a contact number and billing address for your sponsor. A signed purchase order for services may be provided in lieu of a sponsorship letter. Do not include books and supply costs in the sponsorship letter — your sponsor should do this online. Note: The sponsorship will need to be renewed each term with a new sponsor letter or purchase order.
    4. Request that your sponsor completes the SAIT Bookstore's Sponsored Student form if they are covering the cost of your books and supplies. This is applicable if you are picking up your materials at the SAIT Bookstore.
What should I know?
  • Your sponsor will be invoiced in accordance with the conditions of the sponsorship agreement. Invoices are payable 30 days from the date of invoice. Sponsor invoices not paid within the net 30-day term may be cancelled by SAIT and you'll be required to pay their outstanding fees or withdraw from your program.
  • Your sponsor may cancel their sponsorship via written notice 30 days prior to your course or program start date. Cancellations by either the sponsor or student are subject to the terms and conditions contained within SAIT’s administration policies, including cancellation fees.
  • A change in sponsorship resulting in a refund owing will be issued by cheque to the sponsor’s address on file.

CIBC International Student Pay

As an international student studying at SAIT, making payments is faster and easier than ever before. With CIBC's International Student Pay secure online portal, you can make arrangements to pay your student fees by your preferred method in your preferred currency, from anywhere in the world at any time.

Benefits of the program

Enhanced Student Experience

Once you enter the CIBC International Student Pay platform, simply follow the prompts to make a payment in your preferred currency using your preferred payment method — whether it is you, your parents or an agent acting on your behalf.

Access to Live Foreign Exchange Rates

With CIBC International Student Pay you’ll have access to the competitive foreign exchange rates CIBC is providing to SAIT. CIBC is a leading global financial institution and an established dealer specializing in foreign exchange for over 100 years.

Payment Methods and End-to-End Communication

With CIBC’s International Student Pay you can choose from a wide-range of payment options (Bank Wire*, Credit Card, Debit Card, Pre-Authorized Debit). You'll receive a transaction receipt and a reference code, along with status updates and email reminders until your payment is complete.

* If "Bank Wire" is selected you’ll receive detailed instructions along with a reference code to deliver to your local bank within 72 hours. Your bank simply follows the instructions and sends the funds to your school. You can check the status of your payment online at any time.

Send your fees

1. Log in

Log in to the CIBC International Student Pay secure web portal using your SAIT ID number.

2. Provide Payment Details

Once you enter the CIBC International Student Pay platform, simply enter the fee amount in Canadian dollars, then identify your preferred currency and method of payment. If "Bank Wire" is selected you'll be shown the amount required in your preferred currency to pay your student fees in Canadian dollars based on the competitive FX rate CIBC is providing SAIT. When "Bank Wire" is selected, the quoted exchange rate is locked-in for 72 hours – meaning no currency fluctuations during this period as you finalize your transaction.

3. Enter payer details

Enter a few payer details – whether it is you, your parents or an agent acting on your behalf. Carefully review the Terms & Conditions provided by CIBC, and when ready, click “Accept” and “Submit”.

4. Process transaction

For all payment methods, you'll receive a transaction receipt and a reference code. If "Bank Wire" is selected, print the payment instructions and reference code and deliver to your local bank within 72 hours. Your bank simply follows the instructions and sends the funds to SAIT. You'll receive a confirmation email when SAIT receives your payment.

CIBC International Student Pay

CIBC International Student Pay

Get a quote, detailed payment instructions and pay your tuition fees. 


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